How many litres in a Basset?

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Basset Size Wine Bottle

The featured Basset Hound is Daphne photographed with a Balthazar from @BodegasTamaral.

The question was posed on by Daphne’s owners, Basset Hound Owners Club members, Nick & Amanda Budibent, BBS Wine @bbswine.

Basset Size Wine Bottle

The answer from Bodegas Tamaral is 12litres.

Basset, a much better name than the conventional Balthazar and a nice thought that a Basset is greater, in size at least, than a case of wine, a Salmanazar.

I would want to bring a slightly larger bottle along to the photo shoot, perhaps a Nebuchadnezzar or a Melchoir - I would wouldn’t I.

Most of us are too busy downing our wine one standard bottle at a time to concern ourselves with other possible bottle sizes, for the curious, here they are.

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