Basset Hounds Abroad

and possibly a few other breeds

Nice - June 2015

Espace Toutou, Nice - June 2015

“WC Pour Chiens”
The only water contributed to these dog ablutions comes from the dogs themselves.

Something lost in translation.

“WC Pour Chiens”

HONFLEUR - November 2011

“Napoleon Basset” spotted in an ‘antique shop’ window in Honfleur.

Yours for just €850 interestingly almost paralleling the current, November 2011, £850 required to acquire a real Basset puppy here in the U.K..

Not an antique, if wanted any Basset or indeed, any animal, dressed in the clothes of your choice, can be produced to order.

A notable feature of some French towns, Honfleur included, is the provision of free ‘dog poop bags’.

SALAMANCA - August 2008

“Hombre Basset” spotted in Salamanca’s splendid Plaza Mayor.

Whilst Miranda was busy Basset hunting I was successfully preoccupied providing entertainment for our American friends, Debby and Craig. So good to have such an appreciative audience.

CAUTERETS - August 2011

“Gigolo Basset” spotted whilst waiting for a meal in Cauterets.

A long wait! Service and food of equal quality.

Naturally Miranda leapt up from our table to confront and photograph Gigolo and his bemused owner.

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