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All of you who have been on any of our walks will know the lovely Sue Sampson.

Besides being an invaluable member of the Branch committee, Sue has the important role of South East Branch representative for the charity, Basset Hound Welfare.

Over the years, Sue has helped numerous hounds find new homes.

People’s circumstances change, often quickly and unpredictably, and sometimes this leaves their poor hounds in need of fostering. These Basset Hounds can be of any age young and old.

If you feel that you could provide either long or short term care for these unfortunate pets, then please contact Sue for more details on 02083 024309 or email welfare@bassethoundowners.org.uk.

Should you wish to become a Friend of Basset Hound Welfare, make a donation, or find out more about this excellent charity, their website is www.bassethoundwelfare.org.uk

Since the article above was written Sue has given up her role as representative for Basset Hound Welfare. However she remains as our Club Welfare officer.


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Mark Twain (real name Samuel Langhorne Clemens)
U.S. writer, 1835-1910. Twain’s will requested that his personal journals were not made public until 100 years after his death. The first volume has just been published.

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