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Eagle eyed will have noted our icon appearing at the top of their web browser or should that read may have noted in the past, the latest browsers don't seem to be showing it, that's progress for you.

This appeared courtesy of a file called favicon.ico placed on our server.

Favicon traditionally are square which is why I chose to chop off the tail end of the image just to make it fit. I’ve never liked this compromise. Unfortunately bringing back the tail results in a smaller hound. Nevertheless I’ve done just that.

So a smaller hound that is more difficult to see.

Why bother?

Smart phones control our lives. Our icon file provides an app like button for smart phones.

Desperate to have a button to take you straight to our website?
How do you get one?

On an iPhone (sorry I’ve no experience of any phone other than an iPhone but it will work on Androids) first load our homepage into Safari. It will work from any of our pages but the page you choose will be the page that loads when you tap the icon. The homepage is the most obvious but perhaps you’d rather go straight to, let’s say the events page then load that first.

Before following these instructions make sure your phone is at the page you want to open when you tap the icon.

Tap on the share icon. It’s at the bottom of your screen in the centre.

Tap on “Add to Home Screen”. You will then be given the option to change its shortcut name. If you want to, do. Then tap the “Add” button.

The shortcut will appear. Tapping it will take you straight to the Basset Hound Owners Club website. No more fumbling about when you can’t wait to find out when our next walk is.

This can also be done on iPads, they have a share icon at the top.

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