Eye Tests the Truth and the Myths
by Derek Storton

(Chairman of the BHC Health & Education Sub-Committee)

A number of members have asked about Eye Examinations. Should you be contemplating, or unsure of an examination you have already had, we hope you will find this overview useful.

The Truth

The eye test for hereditary conditions for Basset Hounds is under Schedule A of ‘The BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme’ and is for Goniodysgenesis/Primary Glaucoma.

Currently only results from this test ‘are sent to the Kennel Club for inclusion on computer records and printing in the Breed Records Supplement’.

Schedule A lists “the known inherited eye diseases in breeds where it is considered that there is enough scientific information to show that the condition is inherited in that breed” “For Breeds in Schedule A a certificate is issued with the results of ‘affected’ or ‘unaffected’ and these results are recorded and published by the Kennel Club”

KCSB Breed Records Supplement: Schemes - Joint KC/BVA/ISDS Eye Scheme

“Goniodysgenesis is the predisposing abnormality to primary angle-closure glaucoma. It can only be detected by gonioscopy. This examination is not part of a routine eye examination, but can be completed by request. The dog needs to be examined only once in its lifetime. Therefore, in the 6 breeds specified, a basic ‘Pass’ result does not include gonioscopy unless the certificate of Eye Examination clearly states that this examination has been completed”

“From January 1st 2010 all dogs were required to be permanently identified (microchip or tattoo are acceptable) before examination and certification.”


A Pass or Clear result may only be from a routine eye examination which does not include gonioscopy. You are looking for ‘UNAFFECTED’.

“gonioscopy... is not part of a routine eye examination”

If a Basset Hound has not appeared in the Kennel Club ‘Breed Records Supplement’ and has not been included in their computer records as ‘unaffected’ then, it has not had gonioscopy examination under the ‘eye scheme’ for hereditary eye test.

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The following are those Basset Hounds which have been currently recorded by the Kennel Club as


Abbeybrook Push The Button at Anjajo
Aurora Borealis Over Hengistbury
Balmacara Orange Ice
Barratini Roberta Flack For Woferlow
Barratini Ruth Rendall of Stockcroft
Bassbarr September Sonnet For Woferlow
Beltinge Love Me Do for Anjajo
Big N’Bold
Birichino Big Hangings
Birichino Brook Leys
Birichino Flinty Hill
Blackvein Pilgrim
Bromwylva Yukon Gold at Nebukadnezza
Cara's Copper Queen
Carresmar Laurinda
Carresmar Look No Further
Churnetview Bittersweet
Clavidar Naughty Nell
Clocktower Rula
Combeglen Dinah
Combeglen Mable
Combeglen Marta
Combeglen Mollie
Combeglen Rum Tum Tiger
Combeglen Scarlet
Cudlaws Dirty Dancing
Cwmdale Saffron of Longmynd
Delightful Daisy Dolly at Dhyanamara
Dhyanamara Elusive Warrior
Drawdell Coco Chanel
Eastport Andromeda
Eastport Delphinus of Longmynd
Eastport Desiraee
Eastport Savannah
Eastport Tom Traddles
Fiverites Storm Troopers

Fredwell Furl
Gatebrese Emilys Lily at Milkress
Harrados Harrods Delight
Harropine A Storm Is Coming
Harropine Devil Wears Prada
Hollyberry Hill
Houndsbay Donatello
Huntford Special Agent
Hythe's Diamo
Kimbleholme Magic Wizard
Kimbleholme Pure Magic
Kimbleholme Secret Chamber
Kortebin Tom Bombadillo
Kortebin Varda
Kortebin Withywindle
Leading Man in Southenhound
Limgoning Atlas At Almae
Limgoning Keegan At Jumi
Longmynd Influence
Longmynd Tangerine Promise
Lord Lary
Lowaters Ludovic at Almae
Lucius Verus at Nebukadnezza
Magafelda Rosamunde at Cudlaws
Majalis Bo Diddley
Malrich Eisenhower
Malrich Jasmine
Malrich Joker
Marabis Queens Council for Woferlow
Melody Red Lady
Millkress Bally Bears Baby
Millkress Bally Billet-Doux
Millkress Bally Kiss Angel
Millkress Bally Loopy
Millkress Bally Nocme Down
Millkress Blackberry Tart
Millkress Bring Me Love
Millkress Clockwork Orange
Millkress Daisy May
Millkress Hocus-Focus

Millkress Mac Duff
Millkress Make Belive
Millkress Orange Blossom at Lytes
Millkress Orange Delight at Lytes
Millkress Orange Silk
Millkress Perfect Love
Millkress Pumpkin Pie
Millkress Rhubarb Crumble
Millkress Woe Be Gone
Millkress Woe Is Me
Millkress Woebetide
Moonsmead Norma Jean
Moragden Moon Princess
Navron Ethelburga
Navron Nosey Rosie
Nebukadnezza Scandalous
Newob Be Fair
Ophelia Lies
Pawpack Caramel
Pawpack Proudas Punch of Nebukadnezza
Pivotal Atlantis at Dhyanamara
Placido Blue Moon
Sealindy Cool Breeze
Sealindy Lady Mattilda
Siouxline Carolina of Lynavere
Smashing Pumpkin at Cudlaws
Stowgate Miracle Jive
Sweet Hannah
Switherland Rich Dreams
Tanneron George Washington at Birchino
Tecklegarth Balalaika
True Grit of Eastport
Widgerwood Winter Sunset at Anjajo
Woferlow Border Patrol
Woferlow Flora McDonald at Birichino
Woferlow Samuel Pickwick
Woferlow Sanchia
Yarwoodinae Peaches’N Cream
Yawoodinae Samlyan First Edition
Yarwoodinae Tilly Trotter in Springvalley

If you can’t find the Basset you are looking for try the Kennel Club’s Website - Mate Select