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The Basset Hound is heavily built with joints that ought not be strained whilst a puppy & still growing. Up to about eight months, play in the garden & five-minutes walking on a lead is sufficient. From eight months it is recommended that walks are no longer than 15 minutes, increasing to 30 minutes at a year. Also during the first year discourage the puppy from jumping on & off furniture and running up and down steps. All fully-grown hounds (from about a year) can be exercised as much as you want, including at least one good walk a day.



Available for various SatNavs, download a BHOC POI file for your SatNav showing the locations we regularly visit for our events.
▸ Garmin.csv
▸ Navman.csv
▸ ASCII.asc
▸ GOOGLE-earth.kml
▸ GPS eXchange.gpx
▸ MioMap.csv
▸ Nokia.lmx
▸ TomTom.ov2
▸ TomTom itinery.itn

Follow the instructions given with your device.

After the date of the latest update, it is only necessary to download and install the file on your device once, to provide POI information for all current locations.
last updated 24th March 2015

I have not been able to test all of these files and would be grateful to hear of any member’s experiences using them.

Latest models of Tom Tom use their program MyDrive Connect for updates and customisation, this should be downloaded from their website. UK users who haven't yet downloaded a copy may do so from here - My Drive Connect.

TomTom users using MyDrive Connect should download the ov2 file from this link and follow the instructions in MyDrive.
last updated 24th March 2015

Garmin provide a loader and a guide to using their POI’s here.

Those still using the older TomTom Home can download a POI file via the TomTom website by clicking this icon TomTom logo Follow the instructions given on the site to download the file to your TomTom. The file will appear in your TomTom device as POI category SEBBHC, this single file includes all locations current when last updated.
last updated 15th July 2013


Fully paid up members of the Basset Hound Owners Club are covered by insurance at our events. To retain this cover and to remain a member of the club, it is important that members remember to renew their subscription. For membership details please refer to our membership page


Basset Hound Owners map leaflet, front page Basset Hound Owners map leaflet back page space Designed to fit on a single A4 sheet, intended to be folded in three, with, on one side, shown on the left, maps for walks starting at Abbots Wood, Butchers Hole Bottom, Sullington Warren and Cowdray Wood, whilst on the other, shown on the right, walks starting at various car parks in the Ashdown Forest; Broadstone, Gill’s Lap, Millbrook East, Long and The Hollies.

Those who do not have a copy, or for any reason require an additional one, may click on the map icons for printable versions.


Basset Hounnd Owners, Airmans Grave panoramic view

The Ashdown Forest is our most frequent destination. It lies centrally within our region being both in Sussex and Kent and offers open fence free paths for our walks. Each event page has information on the location of our walks but much more is available on the internet particularly on the Ashdown Forest Conservators' own site. Included on their site are details of a number of suggested walks that you might like to explore. One, the Airman’s Grave walk will be familiar to those who join us regularly on our walks. Of particular interest is their advice on walking dogs in the Forest.

iPhone or iPod users might like to download the free Ashdown Forest app from the iTunes store. It contains information on Ashdown Forest car parks, shows some walks that you might like to try and more.

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